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Dr. Guarino understands that individuals need information in order to make an informed decision. Allentown men and women searching for the best plastic surgeon for their cosmetic surgery needs rely on patient reviews to gain perspective and insight. We are thankful for each one of our patient testimonials and are happy to provide them here, in one place, for our visitors to read. Dr. Guarino believes that each patient is special and deserves an exceptional patient experience.

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Review from M.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Mar 10, 2016

Best Decision I EVER Made! - Allentown, PA - After countless consultations with multiple plastic surgeons, I was ready to give up on my rhinoplasty dream. Every doctor I visited left me feeling uncomfortable by being too pushy, too expensive or oddly overzealous to change my entire face. The only thing I disliked about my nose was the droopy tip, which worsened when smiling, also classified as an "ethnic" nose (I'm 100% Italian). Every doctor I looked into had the notorious "nose job" looking nose that I was trying to avoid and beginning to accept was inevitable. However, a friend of mine recommended Dr. Guarino to me, after having a rhinoplasty herself, and I was immediately willing to see him from her results alone! Little did I know, he would be an angel that changed my life forever!! Dr. G is not only a master of his craft, but he is the nicest, most professional plastic surgeon I've ever met. He took the time to really listen to my issues and desired outcome and left me feeling SO comfortable and happy after one consultation. He stressed how he would not change my entire face and agreed that this was not needed or a desirable outcome for anyone. I specifically remember him saying that friends, family or coworkers would simply ask if something was different, without being able to pinpoint exactly what changed. That is exactly what I was going for and exactly what happened!!I could not be happier with the entire process from start to finish with Dr. G!! I've heard horror stories about pain and horrific swelling/bruising and experienced none of this. I certainly swelled and bruised, but nothing I could not handle and I was back to work fully functioning just a week after surgery. I'm almost 4 months post-op and this is the gift that keeps on giving! While my nose is still healing and changing, it continues to look better and better and I can breathe better than I ever have in my life!!I will forever recommend Dr. G to anyone interested in rhinoplasty from personal experience, he is the best!!! More

Review from R.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 08, 2016

37 Years Old And FINALLY Have A Nose That Fits My Face. Thanks to Dr. Guarino in Allentown, PA - I FINALLY have a nose that fits my face. I'm 37 years old and felt that my nose was getting wider and droopier as I aged. It gave me a harsh, almost masculine look, especially my profile. I wanted it refined but I have large, ethnic, Italian features; I was afraid to wind up with dramatic results and a tiny little nose that looked too fake and didn't fit my face. I went to four consultations before a friend recommended Dr. Guarino. My sister and I look a lot alike and both wanted our noses fixed since childhood; so we decided to go through the experience together. Within five minutes of meeting Dr. G., we knew he was "the one." Not only is he friendly and personable, he thoroughly went over the surgery, the recovery, what to expect as far as results and reiterated a few times that he didn't want our noses to look overly "done." I specifically remember him saying, "I want you to be able to stand in a room full of people and no one know that you're the person with a 'nose job." You can tell in the way he explains the procedure and answers your questions that he's an expert and master of his craft.I thought I'd be a nervous wreck on the day of surgery but the entire hospital staff from the nurses, to the techs to the anesthesiologists, were helpful, nice and comforting. Dr. G. met with me right before we went into the O.R. He went over what he was going to do one more time. He has such calm energy, I didn't feel any nerves about the procedure or the results (which is basically unheard of for me, I'm the most nervous person I know). My sister and I had back-to-back surgeries. The procedure lasted about an hour and a half (each) and we were in recovery for a few hours. Dr. G. removed the packing before we went home; I've heard horror stories about the pain associated with having the packing removed days later. There was no pain and once the packing was removed, it relieved the minor pressure I felt. Recovery was a bit uncomfortable (chewing and talking is a little difficult the first few days) but neither my sister nor I were in any real pain. My nose was was extremely wide at the top with a bump, hump and pointy, droopy tip. Now, my profile is perfectly straight, my bridge is narrow, the tip is refined but its still MY NOSE. People at work have no clue and its so fun to hear people say things like, "you look great, what have you been doing?" Or, "what's different, did you change your hair color?" I'm 6 weeks post op, healing well but still have (normal) swelling on the bridge and tip area. Even with the swelling, I'm so in love with my results. I look so much more feminine and my face looks soft (no longer harsh). I can't wait to see the "finished product" in a few months. **We traveled from NJ, over an hour to the office and hospital (next door to one anther). It is definitely worth the drive to go to a doctor that makes you feel so comfortable and can provide your desired outcome.***Also, if you wind up visiting Dr. G.'s office (which I highly recommend going for a consult), you'll absolutely love the decor. Cutest waiting and exam rooms I've ever seen! More

Review from N.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Jan 07, 2015

29 Yr Old, Filipino and White, 2 kids - Allentown, PA - He is the absolute best!!! So down to earth, open and realistic. He will be upfront and honest with everything. I fully trust him and recommend him to all my loved ones. Could not ask for a better doctor. He is a perfectionist with his work and such a caring person. More

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